Frequently Asked Questions

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  • + What if I have hard water?
  • + My baby has a diaper rash, what do I do?
  • + Why do my diapers smell?
  • + Why are my diapers leaking?
  • + I have received a defective Thirsties product...what do I do now?
  • + I would like to use cloth diapers, but I cannot afford the up-front investment. Do you offer donations or low-income assistance?

Laundering Tips

Print a copy of our care instructions. Hang a copy next to your washing machine to encourage the whole family to help with the laundering!

  • + Do I need to wash my diapers before using them for the first time?
  • + At what temperature should I wash my cloth diapers?
  • + Can you recommend a detergent for washing cloth diapers?
  • + How do I wash my Thirsties cloth diapers?
  • + How do I disinfect my cloth diapers?
  • + Why is it against Thirsties' recommendations to use oxygen bleach at every wash?

Common Questions

  • + How many diapers do I need in rotation?
  • + Where are Thirsties products made?
  • + Can you recommend a good 'starter kit'?
  • + Can I tuck my prefold diaper under the flap of Thirsties Diaper Covers?
  • + How long will my Thirsties products last? Can I expect my reusable diapers to last through multiple children?
  • + Are Thirsties products PVC (vinyl), phthalates, and lead free?
  • + What type of dyes are used in the Thirsties products?
  • + Do I need a cover for every fitted diaper in rotation?
  • + How many covers/wraps do I need in rotation?
  • + Should I fasten my prefolds with pins or Snappi before covering with your cover?
  • + Do you offer wholesale sales to co-ops?
  • + Do you sell seconds?
  • + I'd like to resell Thirsties products. How do I receive information on opening a wholesale account?