So I recently wrote a blog called Owen: A Cloth-Diaper Wearing Baby Potty Trained by 18 Months. In it I describe how my sister successfully trained her son by introducing the potty when Owen was around one.  Cooper turned one in February and so I brought it out.  The Potty.

When Cooper was 11 months, I decided to try putting him on the big potty, with the potty-seat on so he wouldn’t fall in. I wasn’t expecting him to pee but I wanted to let him give it a try.  Much to my dismay, he arched his back, straightened his legs and began shrieking.  I picked him up and he clung to me, looking at the potty with a mixture of fear and loathing.  I tried again.  This time he was holding onto me so tightly his knuckles were white. I gave up trying because I didn’t want to traumatize him.  At this point I realized that potty training Cooper might not be as easy as I had hoped, partly because his personality is much different than the personalities of his older sisters.

Both Lauren and Kate are what I like to call “Fireballs” because they both have fiery tempers, strong personalities and are extremely friendly and social–with everyone they meet. Cooper, on the other hand, is clingier and more attached to Mama.  (I have to admit, I secretly love it!). And while both of his sisters can’t wait to get on the mechanical horses that cost a penny to ride at the grocery store–even as young toddlers–Cooper wants nothing to do with them. In fact, he had the very same reaction to the horse as he did to the potty.

So, back to potty-training. I’ve also let Cooper run around diaper-less a bit so that he can learn how his body works and what happens when he pees.  So far he has peed on the floor at least half a dozen times, but luckily always on the hardwood.  Then, he usually tries to stick his hands in it and splash around OR he slips and falls in the puddle.  Oh well.  No one ever said potty-training was pretty–or hygienic.

So, as Cooper enters his fourteenth month, I am going to try to remain optimistic–and keep working slowly on introducing to the potty. Maybe I’ll give him some treats while he sits on it so he will have a “positive association.” I’m pretty sure I got that idea from the Dog Whisperer. Wish me luck!