Can You Wash Cloth Diapers in Cold Water?

With the increased awareness of the environment and sustainability practices, there comes the question as to whether htcwm_pic7cold water may be used to wash cloth diaper laundry. The environmentalist in me would like to say yes, don’t waste energy on hot water. After all, many detergents are now geared toward cold water washing. I use cold water on my dark laundry, and on anything that does not need a deep cleaning. I did try to use cold water on my towels, but they had an odor afterward. Maybe it was the detergent I was using, maybe it is the amount, maybe it just needs a longer cycle with more water. But if I have to wash my laundry longer and/or use more water, would that take out the sustainable benefit achieved from not using hot water?

Cloth diapers are certainly in a different category that most other laundry. They have … Read More