Getting Started with the Thirsties Duo Diaper System

I have put together some packages that will show you what you will need to start cloth diapering – including the accessories. When you are first starting off, it is difficult to know what you will need. The diapers in the packages are enough to last two days between washings.

Thirsties Duo Diaper is a pocket, or sleeve diaper. A two-piece insert comes with the diaper, which you stuff into the sleeve, and it will agitate out in the washer. You may add a Hemp Insert into the sleeve if additional absorbency is needed.

I have made two charts. One for size 1 and one for size 2. You will not buy both at the same time. The warranty for your diapers starts from the day of purchase, so only purchase the diapers that your baby can wear now.

Size 1:
Duo Diaper Starter Package 6-18 lbs

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