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What Type of Diaper Should My Baby Wear in the Pool? An Overview of the Thirsties Swim Diaper

Thirsties Swim Diaper


Even caregivers who have been using cloth since birth ask quite frequently ‘But what do we use in the pool?’ The thought of having a diaper leak at the pool is understandably stressful.

Last summer, Thirsties introduced us to the new Swim Diaper! Naturally, my first instinct was to tear into the box and compare it to every Thirsties product on the shelf.  

So, in this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Thirsties Swim Diaper:

  • Sizing
  • Fiber Facts
  • Prep and Use
  • Fit Features
  • Care

Let’s start with sizing.


Choosing a Size


The Thirsties Swim Diaper is similar to the Thirsties Duo Wrap in cut and design. If you have a good idea of which Duo Wrap size fits your baby best, choosing a Swim Diaper size will be easy.

The best way to begin choosing a size for your baby is by Read More

Dazed and Distracted: My Epic Parenting Failure

It was a hot summer day here in Boulder, Colorado. The sunscreen was flowing, the grown-ups were sweating and pools everywhere were filled with children and parents enjoying summer vacation.  My friend Jen invited us to join her and several other mommy friends and their varying numbers of offspring at her neighborhood pool. Lauren was seven and swimming independently, Kate was five and swimming underwater quite well—as long as she could either stand to come up for air or if there was an adult nearby who she could use as island. Fear as a life—preserving instinct was not present. Cooper, was still a cloth diaper-wearing two-year old, with very blond hair and a big belly poking out from under his sun shirt.

The number of children, ranging in ages from birth to seven years, made for a noisy, chaotic event. The air was punctuated by screams of glee as … Read More

Cloth Diapers–At the Pool? At the Beach?

Being at the beach today with my parents and my three kids made me think of when they were much littler, sand-eating, cloth-diaper-wearing cuties. Cooper made made tracks in the sand with his Monster Trucks and brought them a little too close to the water (RIP to the the two trucks who were washed out to sea), Kate never left the water where she jumped the incoming waves and Lauren split her time between hunting for shells and and playing in the surf.

Cooper was the only baby of mine who had the chance to wear Thirsties Cloth Diapers and I pretty much took them everywhere--including to Florida to visit my parents and even on the plane to get here. Click  here to read my blog about bringing my Thirsties while flying to Florida).  I can’t however, remember if I took them to the beach. Disposable swim diapers actually … Read More

A Trip to the Beach for a Family of Five

This week is Spring Break. We flew to Orlando from Colorado, not for Disney, but to visit family–a brother, a sister and my parents. Having grandparents and aunts and uncles that mostly live in other states means that most of the traveling we do is to see family.  It’s nice that we can see so much family on this one trip.  We will be celebrating Kate’s 4th birthday while we are here, as well as having an early Easter.  Today we drove an hour to meet a high school friend of mine at the beach. Getting three little kids ready for a few hours at the beach–a fiasco!

It took us well over an hour to pack the bags, dress and feed the kids and load up the crew in our rented minivan. We still had to stop at a store to pick up snacks, baby sunglasses and a new … Read More