What Type of Diaper Should My Baby Wear in the Pool? An Overview of the Thirsties Swim Diaper

Thirsties Swim Diaper


Even caregivers who have been using cloth since birth ask quite frequently ‘But what do we use in the pool?’ The thought of having a diaper leak at the pool is understandably stressful.

Last summer, Thirsties introduced us to the new Swim Diaper! Naturally, my first instinct was to tear into the box and compare it to every Thirsties product on the shelf.  

So, in this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Thirsties Swim Diaper:

  • Sizing
  • Fiber Facts
  • Prep and Use
  • Fit Features
  • Care

Let’s start with sizing.


Choosing a Size


The Thirsties Swim Diaper is similar to the Thirsties Duo Wrap in cut and design. If you have a good idea of which Duo Wrap size fits your baby best, choosing a Swim Diaper size will be easy.

The best way to begin choosing a size for your baby is by Read More