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#Momrealness: Wellness Wednesday

frustrated woman dealing with stress

It’s been decided: 2019 is the year of self care. The year of making yourself a priority and truly finding time and intention in your life to take care of yourself. This is the year of spending time doing things that make you feel better about yourself, feel healthier both mentally and physically and help you to refocus and recharge.

But what does self care even look like and how can you implement it in your everyday life? Let’s take a look at ways we can implement self care in our daily wellness routine. It’s Wellness Wednesday!


Sometimes, self care means just giving yourself time. Time to relax, recharge, accomplish something you’ve always wanted to or just take a bath. I think we are successful at creating time in our lives for others, but we don’t see making time for ourselves as a priority.

Why is Read More

My Thoughts on Finding Balance

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a work-at-home parent, or a parent who works outside the home, it can be difficult juggling all the responsibilities of daily life, your overall workload, and to find time for the fun stuff that your heart (and kids) thrive on.

As a working mom of three who also writes on the side, I’ve had tons of experience feeling overwhelmed and like I wasn’t juggling ANY of it sufficiently, let alone all of it. Today, I’m sharing some ways that I make it through the highs and lows (and I’d love if you could read to the end)!

finding balancing

Sometimes survival mode is all you need.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If we constantly feel like we’re juuuuust keeping our heads above water (and never get that side stuff that’s hounding us completed), that’s far from ideal. But when your family has been constantly on the go, Read More

In Defense of Socializing

My kindergartener is having a blast in school. He’s learned to read and write multiple sentences at a time. His math skills are on point. He loves all of his “specials” equally. Oh, and he’s socializing like crazy.

As a matter of fact, it’s so prominent that it made an appearance on his report card.

And while I totally agree with and support his teacher (he needs to focus more and talk less), I feel it’s a valuable thing for him to be learning. Communication and social skills are pretty important…when done at the right times. 😉

As a grown-up, I feel like I’ve gotten worse at socializing. I’m awkward at topic choices, always second guess whether I offended someone when sharing my opinions, and stumble over my words darn near constantly.

The more that we, as parents, stay in and avoid seeing friends, the harder it becomes. But, I’m … Read More

Our Common Threads

“The more things change, the more things stay the same.” – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Motherhood is hard. There, I said it. Not only is the actual act of caring for and raising tiny humans difficult on so many levels, but there’s the criticism that comes with it. We deal with enough Mom Guilt (the guilt and criticism we thrust upon ourselves), but even more challenging is the nit-picking from the rest of society. Whether social media, the folks at the grocery store, or our very own relatives, opinions fly from every which direction.

I recently realized that we sometimes unknowingly criticize each other for a particularly ridiculous reason: the size of our broods.

It’s as if a parent with only one child isn’t the same ilk as one with two, and a parent with two has it “easy” compared to a parent of three, and so on and so on. … Read More

The Right Time to Start Cloth Diapering

As we mull our options for diapering our third newborn – either part-time cloth diapering as we’ve done with our second child, or attempting to give it a 100% go (the decision involves getting a wonderful-but-overworked grandmother on board) – my mind goes to the following question: “When IS the ‘right time’ to start cloth diapering?”

As with all things parenting, there are a million opinions about everything under the sun. And, so, the longer that one parents, the more we usually learn that there really is only one (or two) opinions that matter – the child’s parents.

Sure, we can get advice from our own parents and family members. We can seek out the opinions of doctors. We can chat with our friends with kids. But, in the end, the ones who make the decisions to either do something or not, to put something off or do it sooner … Read More