Mama Monday: Getting To Know You….

IntroductionBert. ThirstiesBlog.33113Hi! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Elizabeth Anderson. You can call me “Bert” though; it’s a nickname that stuck since theĀ age of ten. I live in the frozen tundra that is Minnesota, at least that’s what it feels like since Spring is nowhere to be seen at the moment. Then again, I know everyone else is feeling that way too wherever they may live. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Ben, who is my other half. What I mean is that we complete each other in areas where the other is weak. Recently, I took up running as a way of getting back in shape. Actually, I participated in a 90 day fitness challenge through a local gym here in the Twin Cities. I was about 70 lbs overweight with a very sedentary lifestyle. I changed my eating habits and started enjoying working out. You’ll probably … Read More