Getting Started With the Thirsties Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold

I have put together some packages that will show you what you will need to start cloth diapering – including the accessories. When you are first starting off, it is difficult to know what you will need. The diapers in the packages are enough to last two days between washings.

The Thirsties Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold is a two piece diapering system. The Duo Wrap is a waterproof cover that can be adjusted at the waist and the rise. The Duo Hemp Prefold is a flat, absorbent diaper. You can either fold it and fasten it on baby with a Snappi or diaper pins and fasten the Duo Wrap over it; or simply trifold, lay into the Duo Wrap, and fasten on baby. You may fold a Hemp Insert into the prefold if additional absorbency is needed.

I have made two charts. One for size 1 and … Read More