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Deciphering the Types of Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Terminology
Cloth diaper lingo can get a little confusing! Here are some definitions for you:

AIO ( All-In-One)

AIOs are essentially a fitted diaper and a cover sewn together. The outer layer consists of fabric that has a waterproof backing. These are similar to a disposable diaper since they are often a one-piece diapering system. The absorbent soaker material is often sewn into the diaper; it may also be detachable.

AI2 (All-In-Two)
AI2s are very similar to AIOs with the exception that the absorbent soaker is not attached to the diaper in any way. The soaker is usually a second, separate piece that must be used in conjunction with the diaper. The drying time for these diapers is shorter than the AIO. Thirsties Duo Diaper could be one example of this.

Diaper Covers

The function of a cover is to provide a waterproofing layer for non-waterproof diapers such … Read More

Have You Ever Wondered What’s in a Disposable Diaper?

Growing up in the seventies and eighties, disposable diapers were something that I took for granted. In the late 1940s crude paper disposables first made an appearance and in 1961 a major brand of disposable diapers was launched.  Disposable diapers were originally made of paper pulp with a thin plastic covering.  Over the past 50 years, disposable diapers have changed and evolved into what is currently on the market today.  But what exactly is in these diapers?  I was surprised when I found out.

Have you ever wondered what makes modern disposable diapers so super-absorbent? It’s a chemical compound called Sodium Polyacrylate. This compound binds to liquids and can hold 200 to 300 times its weight, turning from a powdery substance into a gooey gel.  It is also used in some potting soils to help the soil retain water.  If you’ve ever changed a diaper and found small gel … Read More