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Reflections on the Eve of Preschool

I knew this day was going to come. From the moment I held him in my arms I knew his dependence on me wouldn’t last Preschool Kids. Thirstiesforever. Eventually I would have to let him go and our days spent together would be relegated to the weekends. Soon, he’ll have friends, sports, hobbies, school and homework. I’ll no longer be his one and only “best friend.” I may even have to drop him off a block away from the party so I don’t embarrass him. Graduation will come; maybe he’ll go away for college, maybe he’ll stick around and learn a trade. He’ll meet someone who’ll take his breath away; my position as the most important woman in his life will become second fiddle to the one he’ll call his wife. Children will come, jobs will be accepted and life’s rough spots will be endured.

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Do You Take Your Tot to Baby Classes?

Today Cooper had soccer. Yes, that’s right–not even out of his Thirsties and only turning two next week and he’s in a soccertotclass called Soccer Tots for children ages 18 months to three years. It’s a little ridiculous, I’m the first to admit it. But like many parents these days, unlike my own infant, toddler and childhood, I feel obligated to somehow expose my children to different experiences in the form of baby classes at a very young age.

I’m not sure if baby classes are more for the parents or the kids.  Entertainment? Education? Or to socialize our baby with like-sized peers, much like a group of puppies at the dog park. But they’re everywhere and I find that I almost feel guilty if I’m the one mother in our Mommy Group who doesn’t have her kids signed up for at least one activity–EACH.

When our first

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