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My Case for Cloth

duowrapsnap_warmstripes_500Cloth diapering is starting to show up in the mainstream media and more and more parents are making the decision to use cloth diapers on their children whether it’s for financial or environmental reasons. Many are on the fence, maybe you’re one of them? Let me tell you why I choose to use cloth diapers on my children and why I feel that you should do the same.

I understand the extra work that’s involved in cloth diapering your child; I have cloth diapered two babies. I know that there’s laundry every other or every two days (speaking of which, I need to do diaper laundry today). I understand that there are more diaper changes  with cloth diapers too. Why would any parent choose to make more work for himself or herself when there’s an easier, more convenient approach to diapers? I’ll tell you why I did…

For me, it … Read More

Cloth Diapering Helpful How Tos

I thought it would be a good idea to have some “How Tos” referenced all in one place. Below is a list that may be handy to many of you!

Please let me know if there is a “How To” article that you would like to see!

We also have many FAQs on our website that are … Read More

5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Thirsties

Thirsties Signature Leg Gussets

What is a gusset? “Inset piece of fabric: a piece of fabric inserted in a garment where added strength or freedom of movement is needed.”

Thirsties signature leg gussets are elasticized, which wraps around baby’s leg to provide a snug yet comfortable fit. These gussets keep the liquids and solids inside where they belong!

Made in the USA

Yes, all of Thirsties products are made in the Denver, Colorado area. Besides keeping jobs in our own communities, it is one way that we decrease our carbon footprint. We also try to source as many of our materials in the USA as possible.


We aim for optimum performance in every product that we release. The fit, quality, absorbency, and durability of a diapering product are essential for successful cloth diapering.


We understand budgets, and the need for affordable diapering products. We try our best … Read More

2012 Great Cloth Diaper Survey

We are happy to support the Real Diaper Association (RDA) and it efforts to educate parents on the many benefits of using cloth diapers.

Recently the Real Diaper Association has put together a survey to understand current cloth diapering practices. If you are a parent who currently uses cloth diapers we encourage you to fill out their survey. The information gathered will used to guide future educational campaigns and projects.

The survey will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete and random survey respondents will be entered to win some wonderful hand-crafted gifts.

To learn more about the survey please visit the Real Diaper Association blog.

To go directly to the survey:

Click here to take the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Survey!




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How to build your cloth diaper stash for less than $300

Investing in cloth diapers is not only for the sake of the environment or health, but also for financial savings. There is no way around it – babies need diapers… unless you live in the jungle and baby doesn’t wear clothes…. ;)Due to input from you, our wonderful Thirsties fans, I am going to attempt to show you how it is possible to build a cloth diaper stash with an investment of $288.50. Now this will be the cost for the diapers and the covers. This does not include cost for water, energy use, detergent, or other diapering items. You will have to be creative for the diaper pail, wipes, and any other diapering items you wish to use. Ideas:

5 Gallon Bucket with a lid for a diaper pail.
Water for use with cloth wipes.
Cloth Wipes made from old flannel sheets, etc.

The most budget friendly … Read More