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Autumn Blaze & Burnt Orange

It’s that time of year again, hot one day, cool the next, when leaves grow old and crisp, bursting with their last bit of beauty…that’s right, autumn is here!

This year, we are celebrating the charm of the new season with a delightful limited run print and solid: Autumn Blaze and Burnt Orange. Autumn Blaze beautifully presents colorful maple leaves of varying shades of orange and yellow with hints of purple on a white background with Burnt Orange snaps and binding. Burnt Orange is a rich, medium-dark orange with matching snaps and binding.

Both are available in Duo Wrap snap (3 sizes) and hook & loop, Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One, Natural One Size Pocket, One Size Pocket, and Wet Bag. Additionally, Autumn Blaze is available in Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, and Wet Dry … Read More

Do It All: Thirsties Natural All In One

Sometimes, we need a diaper that does it all. The Thirsties Natural All In One is the do it all diaper. It’s the one diaper that provides a huge amount of absorbency, leak proof exterior and is a one piece, one use system. If you need something easy on the go, easy to clean and super trim, you need a NAIO.

In this article, we will discuss the sizing, fiber facts and construction of the Thirsties Natural All In One.

What Is An All In One (or AIO)?

Referring to a cloth diaper as an All In One diaper, or an AIO, means that everything you need for a single diaper change comes in one piece.

All cloth diaper systems are made of two parts: something waterproof to prevent leaks and something absorbent to hold in liquids. An AIO combines these two aspects in one single piece diaper. … Read More

Thirsties News: Meet Rainbow and Lightning Bug!

If your childhood memories include hot summer nights and the sunshine following rain showers, Thirsties’ new prints are going to rock your world! Please welcome our new, limited-edition, summer prints: Lightning Bug and Rainbow! 

Lightning Bug pops with bright yellow lightning bugs on a Midnight Blue background with Midnight Blue snaps and binding. It is sure to take you straight back to those hot summer nights when you sat outside watching the night air twinkle.

Rainbow, with its blue and aqua, heart-raining clouds, bright rainbows, and a peek-a-boo sun on a white background with blue binding and snaps, is sure to touch the hearts of all who have experienced beautiful rainbows following a rain storm.

Both prints are available in Duo Wrap, Newborn and One Size All in One, Natural Newborn and Natural One Size All in One, Pocket Diaper, Natural Pocket Diaper, and Wet Bag. Rainbow is also available … Read More

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

As a mother to four, I frequently get asked by expecting friends and family what they need to take care of baby on a daily basis. They want to know which items are my must haves and which they can live without. Because let’s face it, we’ve all encountered at least one baby item that we didn’t need or never used.

As a parent, I err on the overly planning and prepared side, and my diaper bag does too. So, what’s in my diaper bag?

Cloth Diaper Must Haves

Assuming that I am only gone for the day, I like to have 6 cloth diaper changes with me at all times. We love Thirsties Natural All In Ones when we are on the go. They are so simple to use, I don’t have to remember any extra parts or pieces and they fit perfectly in my wet bags.

And … Read More

Top 10 Uses for Your Wet Bag

Have you ever wondered what you can do with your wet bag? The Thirsties Wet Bag is so multi-functional and we love it for storing our dirty cloth diapers. But what happens when you are done cloth diapering? Can you still use your wet bag?

Of course! Not only can you use your wet bag, but we want to show you all the different ways you can use your wet bag beyond the diapering years. Or maybe you are currently cloth diapering and have an extra wet bag (or five) laying around and you are just not sure what to do with it? Either way, wet bags are arguably the most versatile cloth diaper accessory. In this article, we will discuss the top ten uses for your wet bag as well as some tips and tricks that will help you use your wet bag beyond your cloth diapering … Read More