Heart Heath Awareness

The most common heart conditions for children are congenital heart defects. So what is a congenital heart defect? A congenital heart defect is an anomaly in the structure of a child’s heart, usually diagnosed via ultrasound either in utero or after birth. Depending on how critical the defect, treatment could include surgery very soon after birth.

In this article, we will be discussing heart health awareness, specifically congenital heart defects, how it impacts families and how we as a community can help.

Family Impact

Much of what we discuss in this article can realistically apply to children with not only chronic heart conditions, but chronic illness as well.

Families of heart warriors can be impacted by seemingly the smallest things and can endure weeks of struggle as a result. For instance, sending your child to a playgroup or to school with the beginnings of a cold may sometimes seem ok … Read More