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Ways to Help Your Older Child Engage with Your Newborn

When a new baby arrives, it’s darn near impossible to maintain a sense of normalcy in your household (and kind of naive if you think you can – been there, done that!). This is an even bigger challenge when you’ve got other children in the mix. So, I thought I’d share a two-part series of posts as we grow (very) close to adding a third to our brood. My first post included ways to stay connected with your older child(ren) when welcoming a newborn.

This week, I’m chatting about ways for to help your older child engage with your newborn. Sometimes this comes naturally; other times you can tell subconsciously it’s a tough transition; still other times, they downright hate the baby and all the change it stands for. (Eek!) So, depending on your situation, feel free to adjust any of these tips for your needs!

Try getting them Read More

Jumping Into Cloth – Keeping it Low-Stress

I mentioned last week that our family resolution for 2016 is positivity (among other things). Another “word of the year” is also going to be “cloth” – with an accent on keeping it low-stress. Because, life.

As our little newborn girl (at what point do they switch from “newborn” to “infant” or even “baby”?) continues to beef up and lessen her – shall we say – messier diapers, we’re looking to finally take the cloth diaper plunge. You can read about our experiences/failures with our son in this blog post, but this time we’re dedicated to making it work without stressing ourselves out about the whole thing.

So far, we’ve prepped a plethora of diaper styles and done a handful of days with the little one to stick our toes in (again). I was hoping to make January 1st our official “daytime diaper switch” day, but since we have Read More

Preparing for (Another) New Baby

We can’t control every single situation 100% of the time. Heck, I’m sure even saying 50% is generous. So, while I try not to sweat the small stuff or the things that I literally have no say over, my general rule of thumb is to prepare, whenever possible.

In my current case, this has almost everything to do with our bundle of joy, expected to arrive this Friday (via planner C-section). I’ve had a lot going on at work and with my husband’s work, so I’m finally reaching the point of, “I’ve done all I can; it’ll have to work.” And it will, because life has a way of handling things. Mostly. 😉

And all the baby worries that could pop up – will the baby be healthy, will s/he take to breastfeeding, what have we forgotten to do? Let’s call it blind faith, but I’m pretty relaxed about it Read More

Baby Gender Wives’ Tales

Since we’re expecting our second child in November, I’ve noticed one huge similarity between our first and second pregnancies: People all have an opinion as to the fact that we’re not learning our child’s gender. BIG opinions.

And I get it, I do. The first question we generally hear after people find out that we’re expecting is, “Oh! What’re you having?” Is it really a given these days that parents find out what they’re having? According to our local hospital, pretty much. My sister and I are the rare difference; many months can go by without that “It’s a…!!!” surprise moment in the delivery room.

I have heard that it’s becoming the “in” thing not to find out. If you know me in “real life,” you know that my husband and I are (proudly) as dorky as they come, so it’s clearly not why we’re making this choice. We just … Read More

You Know You’re a Mother When…

1) You get crowded out of your king-sized bed by your three-year old, your six-year old, your dog and your husband so you sneak off to the empty queen-sized bed in your daughter’s room…only to wake up an hour later being crowded out by your three-year old, your six-year old and your dog while your husband sleeps alone in the king.

2) A child walks all the way upstairs, past several trash cans, a drooling dog, a toilet and two sinks to spit out a “yucky” food into your hand.

3) You’ve ever been interrupted so many times while showering that you shaved one leg twice and never shaved the other.

4) At least 23 strangers have seen you going to the bathroom because your child(ren) insist on opening the door in a public restroom despite your pleas and threats regarding the opening of the … Read More