If you’ve been reading the Thirsties blog from time to time, you may remember when we had a family of one son, followed by two when our daughter, Harper, arrived in 2015. Well, as we all learned on Sesame Street, the next logical number to follow is three – and that’s just what we’ll have come the end of October.

I always knew that I might have three children one day. While I’m not a mathematical person, it always worked out in my mind: my husband is one of two boys, I’m the baby of four, so take the average; my parents were both from families of 5, so the fact that I was one of four kind of told my brain that THREE would be the perfect number.

Huh. Maybe I’m more of a mathematical person than I let on.

Anyhoo, regardless of my strange (no, really, you can judge me – it’s totally weird) mathematical logic, we were still in shock when the number sunk in.


I mean, we’ve had three cats as long as I can remember and, while they’re a handful, I’ve never for a minute worried that one wasn’t getting enough love and attention. God knows they all get enough of it all – and food, shelter, and sufficient toys.

But kids?!

Picturing my husband’s tiny Chevy Cruz. Yup. It’s time to turn that sucker in. But, what about my Kia Sportage? Would that be able to fit 3 car seats? Will our son be booster-sized by then? Before I searched for anything pregnancy related, I started Googling both smaller carseats and SUV/vans that will fit three car seats comfortably. I’m still trying to figure all that out.

Picturing a trip to the grocery store, I suddenly thought, “Huh. Can I DO that without my husband pushing an extra cart?” We’re lucky if we can find the cart that fits two kiddos safely.

Picturing even more in-depth family vacations. The lugging. The chasing. The constant surveying. I suddenly chastised myself for ever judging parents who dressed all their kids alike. “It all makes sense now,” I nodded to myself.

Picturing expenses…and college…and, darn, if it’s another boy who eats like our son, they’ll eat our HOUSE when they’re teenagers.

Sure, it was all overwhelming. But from nearly the very beginning, we knew that the hard work, sacrifices (I hate that word – they don’t feel like that when it’s for your KIDS, y’know?), and strange looks (apparently 3+ kids is an oddity these days…what?!) would all be worth it.

Picturing still: watching a tiny personality develop and add to our already crazy family. Finding out whether it’s a boy or girl. Seeing that our older son is THRILLED, even knowing what the experience is like this time around. Watching as the bonds of siblings are created (and sometimes challenged) by similar and dissimilar personality traits.

Picturing, every time we have one of those “sigh” moments (the sweet ones that take your breath away for a quick moment) like watching our two slow dance together or share nicely without being told to or beaming excitedly after missing each other for a few hours, that this will all happen again. I think that’s my favorite part.

And, not to get sappy, but knowing how amazing my husband is with our first two and that this little unit we’ve created is everything to him (just as it is to me)…I feel more relaxed, reassured, and like we’ve TOTALLY got this. Even when some days we TOTALLY don’t.  

So, we’ll be learning how to juggle. Now, if only Harper would sleep through the night.

I’d be happy to take ANY AND ALL advice from parents who have 3+ kiddos! Either how to make it through those crazy days or practical stuff like, seriously, HOW DO YOU HANDLE THREE CAR SEATS?!