As is our annual tradition, all five of us went to Rockygrass today in Lyons, Colorado. This is a yearly bluegrass festival with all kinds of incredible musicians. My husband, an excellent guitar-playing bluegrass musician himself, is in his element. The festival is held along the Saint Vrain River against a backdrop of sandstone cliffs. The venue that hosts Rockygrass every year is called Planet Bluegrass and it’s run in the most sustainable way possible.

Planet Bluegrass takes its green efforts so seriously, they do not have trash cans. If you bring in trash, you take it back out. This encourages folks to bring their food and drinks in recyclable or reusable containers—for instance, we didn’t bring any snack in plastic baggies, we didn’t bring in bottled water, we didn’tย  bring in any plastic utensils, and we certainly didn’t bring in any disposable diapers!

I packed three of my beloved Duo All-in-One’s in a travel sized wet bag, Cooper wore one in and though I packed his swim trunks, I even skipped bringing a disposable swim diaper. Let’s face it, lots of kids would be peeing the river and swim diapers don’t absorb anything. In fact, they are pretty useless. All they do it to make other swimmers feel more comfortable swimming with small people who aren’t adverse to pooping anytime, anyplace. This being said, Cooper wore his swim shorts, with a net lining, just like his daddy’s, and I guessed that the net would work as well as any swim diaper to catch flotsam and jetsam that might be trying to escape into the river.

Did I mention it was about 95 degrees today? Thank goodness the stage is so close to the river that festevarians can cool off and hear the tunes at the same time. The kids were in the river most of the time….and it was amazing. The girls did more adventurous things such as tubing and some deep water wading with Daddy’s supervision while Cooper stuck to safer activities such as pebble chucking and splashing. He couldn’t get enough of the water and it was really fun to see. Last year he was only five months–not even sitting up, much less running, dancing, or wading.

We lasted five and a half hours at Rockygrass, which felt like just enough time. I like to “leave on a high note,” so to speak, which means we leave before overtired meltdowns and tantrums happen. We packed up our things, took our recycles and composting items to the bins, manned by volunteers who are there to make sure that no compost goes in the recycle bin, no recycles go in the compost bin and that no trash goes into either. All in all, it was a great day with the family and I highly recommend this summer time festival for anyone who might be in Colorado next July.