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A place to find important product release and event information, announcements and updates about all things Thirsties.

Each December, I can’t actually believe that another year has passed us by. An entire year of sharing cloth diapering, low impact living with families around the world and cute prints and colors too. This year, Thirsties upped their game with gorgeous new prints and exciting exclusives, brand new products and helpful cloth diapering resources for the entire community.

If 2017 was the year of the natural fibers, 2018 was the year of Thirsties Groupies product requests. Size 3 Duo Wraps, the potty training pant, and the natural pocket were all born of Thirsties Groupies ideas and entered the market as new products this year.

If you haven’t been keeping track of all the fabulous prints this year, let’s take a look back at the best cloth diaper prints of 2018!

  1. January – “Jaws” an exclusive print from Abby’s Lane
  2. February – Heart to Heart
  3. February – Floribunda
  4. March – Unicorn Selfie & Classic Jurassic
  5. April – O2 Revival & Fern
  6. April – “Astro Land” an exclusive print from Lil Tulips
  7. May – Palm Paradise & Tortuga
  8. June – “Good Fortune” an exclusive print from Spray Pal
  9. July – Main Squeeze & Hala Kahiki
  10. July – “Just Hanging” an exclusive print from Nicki’s Diapers
  11. August – Set Sail & Flutter By
  12. October – Animalia Collection
  13. October – “No Probllama” an exclusive print from Kelly’s Closet
  14. November – Pandamonium
  15. December – Foxy and Snowy Day

New Products

But we didn’t just get new prints in 2018. Thirsties also launched some exciting new products. Natural fibers continued to be a Thirsties focus and from potty training to cloth wipes, innovative new products were front and center this year. Here’s a look at the best new Thirsties products of 2018:

  1. Size 3 Duo Wrap – Made to fit babies 40 to 60+ pounds, the Size 3 Duo Wrap was introduced after Thirsties Groupies requested a way to cloth diaper toddlers and preschoolers over 40 pounds. The signature double gusset, the traditional Duo Wrap design and the new weight limit made the Size 3 Duo Wrap a quick favorite. The Size 3 Duo Wrap pairs well with Thirsties’ Duo Hemp Prefold and it’s featured rise settings can help caregivers get the perfect fit.
  2. Organic Cotton Wipes – Cloth wipes are a cloth diapering essential. The new Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes are thick, soft and can contain big messes with just one wipe. Two thick layers of organic cotton can help you save over $500 on disposable wipes. Pair Organic Cotton Wipes with Thirsties Booty Luster Wipe Solution for a dynamic diapering duo (say that five times fast!).
  3. Training Pant – The long awaited potty training pant is here! The Thirsties Potty Training Pant comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large and was one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. The Potty Training Pant was released in three classic prints: Duck Duck Moo, Unicornicopia and Classic Jurassic. Four layers of super absorbent organic cotton paired with a hidden waterproof wet zone layer helps keep clothes dry and small accidents at bay. This was a 2018 favorite for sure!
  4. Natural One Size Pocket – The Natural One Size Pocket is an easier to clean pockets, has inserts that agitate out in the wash and finally allows caregivers who desire an all natural fiber stash to use pockets. A super trim fit and the signature double gussets make this new 2018 addition to the Thirsties lineup a must have.
  5. Natural Pocket Insert – But, what if you have a collection of pockets and are hoping just to replace your inserts? Enter Thirsties Natural Pocket Insert. A quick and easy way for long time Thirsties fans to get all the benefits of the Natural One Size Pocket hemp/organic cotton layers without having to replace all their cloth diapers.
  6. A12 Inserts – Available in both a Natural Stay Dry Duo Insert and a Natural Duo Insert (in addition to the popular Stay Dry Duo Insert), these duos upped Thirsties’ versatility and gave caregivers more choices on their cloth diapering journey. Pair these super absorbent duo inserts with Thirsties Duo Wrap for a bulletproof cloth diapering system.
  7. Stay Dry Cotton Doublers – Wetness Sensitivity? In 2018, Thirsties introduced the Stay Dry Cotton Doubler! The Stay Dry layer wicks wetness away while the organic cotton layers act as a super absorbent core. A must have in any cloth diapering stash.

Beyond new prints and new products, Thirsties has contributed to cloth diapering education with 54 live chats, published YouTube videos and detailed product overviews on the Thirsties blog. It’s been a full and wonderful year, thanks to the amazing Thirsties Groupies community and Thirsties team. Happy New Year!

thirsties warehouse

Laura here, Thirsties social media coordinator. After a couple years of cloth diapering, writing reviews, and contributing to my sister’s blog, First Time Mom, I started working for my favorite cloth diaper brand, Thirsties. For me cloth diapering, social media, plus motherhood are a match made in heaven and I love my job.

For two years I’ve been working for Thirsties remotely but this past fall I visited the office in Loveland, Colorado. On my visit I had the thrill of getting a behind the scene peak at the warehouse. More importantly, I met all the wonderful hard working people who make Thirsties cloth diapering magic happen. Here is a bit about my trip and what I learned about Thirsties on the way.

What You See is What Your Get

My time at the Thirsties office and warehouse confirmed that with Thirsties what you see is what you get. Browse the Thirsties website and you’ll find responsible and sustainable business ethics are at the core of who Thirsties is as a company. This is one of the many reasons why I’m so proud to be one of handful of folks working on #TeamThirsties. During my visit it was clear that the people behind Thirsties and how they operate as a business behind the scenes is exactly in line with their expressed mission and values.

Thirsties cutting machine

Quality & Pride

First thing on my visit was a tour of the warehouse and cutting machine area. The Thirsties warehouse is a sight to behold with rows and rows of beautiful Thirsties cloth diapers and accessories. It’s a good thing my daughter’s almost potty trained because, as a cloth diapering mom, I was like a kid in a candy store! Everything in the warehouse is so well organized and handled with care. Even though people were busy “pulling orders” everyone  stopped to give me a hug or handshake and chat. It’s clear that the quality and pride behind Thirsties products is an outpouring of Thirsties values and how they operate as a company.

Made in the USA Matters

The cutting machine area is quite the operation. Everything is done carefully, precisely, and with the goal of being “green.” They even reuse the cutting scraps! Having their products made in the USA allows Thirsties to oversee all the little details, which as a customer, I appreciate. It also allows Thirsties to be green while investing in people in their community. After chatting with the employees I saw first hand how important that is. One of the machine operators told me, “This is my first job where I really like ALL the people I work with.”  That alone speaks volumes to who Thirsties is as a company. While I’ve always enjoyed working for Thirsties, now that I’ve met #TeamThirsties I can say I’m truly grateful and honored to be a part of this team.


As a parent and customer, it’s great find products that you and your baby loves. It’s time to celebrate when you can love the company behind those products. With Thirsties I can assure you, it’s all love!


Adding cheerful color and rustic chic charm to cloth diaper stashes everywhere, Thirsties is proud to introduce the Country Harvest Trio! Believe it or not, today is the first day of fall. There’s something about this season that takes us back to a simpler time and inspires our appreciation for the understated elegance of nature and the purity of home. Even if you’re a city dweller, you can take part in the much-revered simple life with Thirsties’ Country Harvest Trio featuring our new solid and two country-inspired prints.

The #CountryHarvestTrio is truly a labor of love inspired by our #ThirstiesGroupies from our Facebook Group,  Thirsties Groupies Official Fan Chat. For months Thirsties fans, wanting to complete their beautiful Thirsties rainbows have been hankering for a cheerful yellow. Truth be told, the Groupies even made a hashtag, #yellowthirsties. They asked, we listened, and the result is Daffodil, a rich, golden yellow with matching binding and snaps.


While many families start cloth diapering for financial and environmental reasons, don’t discount the cuteness factor of cloth! After hearing requests for farm animals and florals, we dreamed up Farm Life and Sun Blossom. These limited edition prints bring on the cute without being cutesy.


Watercolor detailing renders a hint of artistic chic while colored trim and snaps give Farm Life and Sun Blossom a classic look. With tones of primary colors, the Country Harvest Trio sings in perfect harmony!


Available in our Duo Wrap, Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, One Size Pocket, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One and Wet Bag, the Country Harvest Trio is sure to take you back to your roots…or the roots you wish you had!

Want the whole trio for yourself? Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win the Country Harvest Trio in our popular Natural All in One. You can also buy them for a limited time at your favorite Thirsties Retailer. Happy cloth diapering!



Thirsties Swim Diaper

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our product line, Thirsties Swim Diaper. Why throw your money away on expensive disposable swim diapers when you can easily and affordably cover your baby’s swimming needs with an adorable reusable swim diaper? With that said, let’s take a closer look at the Thirsties reusable Swim Diaper!

Thirsties Swim Diaper

Overview: Available in two sizes, Thirsties Swim Diaper is a beach or pool ready version of our popular Duo Wrap diaper cover. Size 1 fits babies approximately 6-18lbs and Size 2 fits babies roughly 18-40lbs. Thirsties Swim Diaper meets the requirements of most public pools. We’ve designed our swim diaper with your baby’s needs in mind. Mesh interior, a trim cut, customizable rise snaps, and uniquely designed hip snaps keep baby splashing in comfort. Thirsties signature double leg gussets and waterproof exterior shell will keep you and everyone else swimming worry-free!

Let’s talk about the cuteness factor. Thirsties Swim Diaper comes in our adorable Beach Bum Babies Print Collection including: Surf’s Up, Whales, and Beach Party. Beach Bum Babies

With a fun geometric wave pattern, cool color palette, and Thirsties “Finn” gray trim any #ThirstiesBaby can rock Surf’s Up. A parade of adorable pink and gray whales accented with aqua snaps and trim make “Whales” a cute print for the ocean lover in all of us. “Beach Party” is a bold summer print that brings an element of fun whether baby’s building sand castles at the beach or splashing in the sprinkler. The Beach Bum Babies Print Collection is also available in your favorite Thirsites cloth diapers and wet bag, while supplies last.

Care and Use Not only are they cute, Thirsties Swim Diapers are also easy to use. Wash once before using an additive free detergent. While baby swims, our swim diaper will contain dirty messes so you won’t be the family to shut down the pool party. To clean, shake or rinse off any solids into the toilet. Wash on warm with your regular laundry or diaper laundry. To protect your swim diaper’s components, avoid using laundry boosters/additives, sanitize or white cycle on HE machines, pure soap, bleach, and drying on high. After washing, hang dry or machine dry on low. Thirsties Swim Diapers are practical and adorable additions to any baby’s summer wardrobe.

austrialian nappy association 2017 cloth nappy awards

The Australian Nappy Association (ANA) is an organization that, “works towards markedly increasing reusable nappy use in Australia by supporting and educating key members of the cloth nappy industry and potential users. The ANA is the preeminent source of information on reusable nappies and their numerous benefits for parents, caregivers and government agencies.” Like the Real Diaper Association here in the United States, the ANA is an excellent resource for cloth diapering education, advocacy, and support.

Every year the Australian Nappy Association hosts the Cloth Nappy Awards. This friendly competition influses the Australian cloth diapering community with excitement by highlighting the best cloth diapering brands in Australia. Thirsties is honored to have three products nominated in the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards: Thirsites Natural All in One, Duo Wrap, and One Size Pocket Diaper. Voting is easy and there are 6 prize packages worth over $1000 each available for residents of Australia. Go here to vote for your favorite Thirsties products!

Australian Nappy Association Cloth Nappy Awards

At Thirsties we strive to make cloth diapering easy and affordable for everyone, everywhere! We believe providing our customers with excellent products is the best way to #makeclothmainstream. We’d like to thank our Australian retailers and the Australian Nappy Association for helping more folks learn about Thirsties! #getintocloth #ThirstiesInternational