When my husband and I were choosing names for our own children, we were hoping that there would not be five other little girls

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named Kate in our daughter’s class. However, we tried to avoid names that seemed SO different that they bordered on weird. Unique baby names seem to be a must have in Hollywood. Check out the names these three celebrities chose for their children: Gywneth Paltrow, Jason Lee and David Duchovny.

Apple Blythe Alison Martin: This is what Gywneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin named their first-born. Gwyneth wanted to name her daughter something that was “different” yet that everyone had a positive association with. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice, juicy red apple? Be that as it may, I think she should have stuck with either Blythe or Alison (her mother’s name and her mother-in-law’s name) and she would have had a winner. Maybe not a super unique baby name but a very nice, normal baby name…and who doesn’t like a beautiful (and yet not off the wall) name for a little girl?

Pilot Inspektor Lee: This extremely unique baby name belongs to the unlucky son of actor Jason Lee. I do know that Jason Lee is a comedian, however, spare me the joke when choosing a name for your baby’s sake, please! Even worse, he allegedly named the baby from a line in a song by the band Granddaddy–“He’s simple, he’s dumb, he’s the pilot.” Given the line from the song after which poor Pilot was named, I understand their attraction to the name even less. But they did come up with a very unique baby name. I’m sure Pilot Lee will be the only “Pilot” in his class.

Kyd Miller Duchovny: David Duchovny and Tea Leoni named their second child Kyd Miller. Now, I can’t say that I know where the name Miller came from–it may be a family surname and therefore, I kind of like it. I actually know a little girl whose middle name is Miller and that is what she goes by. It’s kind of cute. However, I can only guess that David and Tea made up the name Kyd and in my opinion, it’s not the worst, but definitely seems to be trying way too hard to be cool. Do they chuckle every time they call their son? “Hey, Kyd! It’s time for dinner!” “Go to your room, Kyd!” Especially since their first daughter is named Madelaine, I have to ask “Who were they trying to Kyd?” when they named their son?

Though I tend to lean towards more traditional baby names for my own children, I do say to each his own. And if celebrities feel their famous-by-association children need unique baby names to help them “fit in” in Hollywood and “stand out” everywhere else, more power to them. As for me, I like apples in pies, pilots in the cockpit and my kyds tucked in bed. But that’s just my plain-old, non-celebrity opinion.