We would like to announce that our beloved customer service rep Jessica had a baby girl on June 16th! Her name is Elise Bonnie, and she is a beautiful, healthy baby! Good job, Jessica!

The photo above comes direct from the hospital bed. Wow, Jessica, you look great after just having a baby!

Elise (the baby) will thoroughly test our products on a daily basis, as did her brother Jacob (above); and give reports as to the comfort, durability, and absorbency of our diapers. 😉

I got to hold her, and I tell you, babies are the sweetest thing on earth! I absolutely loved her facial expressions (although she slept most of the time), her soft baby hair, and her smiles. So glad you are finally here, Elise!

We can’t wait for Jessica to come back as she is on maternity leave (Really, Jessica, we miss you!), but so glad she can spend some time with her new baby.

~ Sonya