Have You Heard of the Zero Waste Family?

In my on-going attempts to be green, I am inspired by one family in particular: The Johnsons of Mill Valley, California. This family of four has slowly eliminated almost all of their trash generating habits and now produces about one handful of trash every six months. Thanks to the bloggers at Earth911 for the synopsis of the Johnson Family’s Zero Waste Success Story.

Here are some of their tricks:

Grocery Shopping:
Mrs. Johnson brings cloth bags to the grocery store and buys as much as she possibly can in bulk. She also brings cloth bags for produce and glass jars for things like meat, fish and cheese. She brings her own re-fillable plastic containers and buys shampoos and soaps that can be bought in bulk. If she has to buy plastic, she makes sure it can be recycled but if possible, she’ll avoid buying it in the first … Read More