Cooper Graduates to His Size Twos

Cooper is now seven months old and growing like a weed.  While his size ones still fit him, they’re getting small enough that I thought the size two Thirsties might work just as well. He’s a long skinny baby so it wasn’t a matter of the diapers getting too snug, but rather they seemed to be sitting a bit low on his belly.  This past weekend, I washed and packed up my size ones for the last time.  I have a pregnant friend who is eager to inherit them.

When the box of new diapers came, I had just as much fun going through it as I did going my first box of cloth diapers.  The Duo Fab Fitteds are so soft I think maybe Thirsties should start making baby blanket or teddy bears out of the fabric!  They are so soft and cuddly, which is one of the many … Read More