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How to Remove Stains on Thirsties Gusset Elastic

As a former Thirsties user (my kids are now out of diapers) and the former Thirsties return department, I have seen diapers in all states. One issue that is hard to avoid while cloth diapering is staining. The solids that end up in a diaper are organic proteins, and protein stains are one of the hardest to remove. Enzymes are great at removing protein stains, but can irritate the skin if not rinsed thoroughly. Oxygen bleach is great at removing stains, but can be harsh. I love to find solutions that are natural and that may be found in every household, so I experimented with some lemon juice and sunshine.

I took two returned Duo Wraps that were dingy, and washed one with our Thirsties Wash. These were equally dingy and from the same customer. After the wash, there was a slight change in the brightness (diaper on the right). … Read More

Ode to Laundry

Grungy sheets and dirty socks,
Soiled dresses by the box.
T-shirts, shorts and underwear,
Til I am sure I just can’t bear

Once more blasted load and then
Once it’s done, it starts again!
Rinse it, soak it, wash it twice,
Once it’s clean, won’t it be nice?

Bleach it, scrub it, extra spin,
Then to the dryer, pop it in!
Fluff it up and dry it out.
Is this what life is all about?
Fold the shirts and crease the slacks,
Hang undies on the drying rack.

Shirts are folded , socks in pairs.
Now to carry it all upstairs.
Sort it, stack it. Put it away.
Tomorrow is another day,
Of washing, drying, folding too.
O’ Laundry, Laundry. I hate you.

But not all laundry is so bad
My Thirsties never make me mad.
I close the tabs on the hook and loop,
And try not to touch … Read More

Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #39**CLOSED**

Thirsties Thursday Giveaway:

1-Thirsties Super Wash
1-Thirsties Pre-Wash

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why can’t I use soap on my cloth diapers and covers?

Pure soap is not recommended for use on laundry due to the fact that soaps can leave a residue on your diapers and covers, in the form of soap scum. This makes the diapers repel moisture rather than absorb it, and it is also harsh on the laminates used in your diaper covers, making them absorb rather than repel liquid.

Soap and detergent are both cleaning agents, yet detergents are formulated specifically for laundry and other purposes. A detergent is a synthetic product, meaning the ingredients are processed and mixed together to form the detergent. Soap is made by simply mixing lye with vegetable or animal fats, although other ingredients may be added.

The best choice for washing your diapers is to use detergent on them; however, all detergents are not alike! For cloth diapers, you will want to choose a detergent with no additives such as Brighteners, Chlorine Bleach, … Read More

It’s Thirsties Time- Giveaway #24 Winner

Congratulations to Katie S. (katiekstewart@….) who won our Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #24.

Katie S.  won:

1-Thirsties Pre-Wash
1-Thirsties Super Wash

Katie S. , please contact us here to claim your giveaway. You have until November 23rd at 4pm cst to claim otherwise we will draw a new winner.