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Cloth Diaper Care: Preserving Lamination

With the right wash routine and detergent, your Thirsties products will  last  through one child, and often times on to the next.  Below are some ways to help preserve the lamination and other components on your diapers and covers:


Follow the manufactures’ Care and Use instructions.

We recommend a warm prewash, followed by a hot wash, warm rinse, and another warm rinse. If you have an HE machine, do not use the sanitize cycle for anything with elastic, lamination, or hook and loop fasteners.

For detailed care instructions please visit:


Use a cloth diaper safe detergent without harmful additives.

Detergent ingredients to avoid include pure soaps, chemical softeners, artificial brighteners, fragrances, dyes, Borax, and bleach.

Do not use additives along with your detergent unless otherwise recommended by Thirsties. Additives may be harsh or offset the PH balance of the wash water.


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Help…my baby has a diaper rash!

A diaper rash is inflamed skin. It can be very alarming for parents, although usually more of an annoyance to baby! Causes can include dirty diapers, introduction of new foods, irritation from product ingredients, bacterial or yeast infections, teething, and clothes or diapers that are too tight.

  • First, let baby air out. Use only a gentle soap and/or lotion on baby for bath time, with no perfumes or dyes.
  • Use cloth wipes, and water or a wipes solution, instead of disposable wipes. Most disposable wipes contain chemicals and perfumes that can irritate baby’s skin. Thirsties Fab Wipes are very soft on baby’s delicate skin.
  • Our new Thirsties Booty Love will help to aid in healing and keeping diaper rash at bay. Thirsties Booty Love is cloth diaper safe, certified organic by Oregon Tilth, and soothes and prevents diaper rash.
  • We recommend keeping a good wash routine with a cloth diaper-safe
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Basic Care and Use Tips For Cloth Diapers: Part 1

Before wearing…
Wash all diapers at least one time before use. Washing and drying your hemp and natural cotton diapers at least 3 times before use will wash away the natural oils that inhibit absorption. You can add them to your normal white laundry for the initial 3 wash/dry cycles, to save on water and energy.

Diaper changing station…
Shake solids into toilet after each diaper change. Store your soiled Thirsties® Cloth Diapers in a DRY diaper pail. A standard 52-quart garbage pail with a lid works great and can be purchased at your local department store. Be sure to line your pail with a Thirsties® Deluxe Diaper Pail Liner to avoid having to clean your pail on every laundry day. Simply dump the diapers into the washer and throw in the pail liner for every cloth diaper load. If you have a second liner on hand, place into the … Read More