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The Low-down on Prefolds

Prefolds are one of my favorite diapers to recommend. They are made of natural fibers, easy to clean, durable, and simple to use. If they are made of the proper fabric and thickness, they are also very absorbent. All prefolds are not made alike. The design and fabric can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Prefold definition: Rectangular diapers that have more layers in the middle and fewer layers on the sides..

You may see the prefolds labeled as 4x8x4 or 4x6x4. That pertains to the layers of fabric in the diaper.

4x8x4 = 4 on both sides, and 8 in the middle

4x6x4 = 4 on both sides, and 6 in the middle



Prefolds can be folded and laid into a trim cover, or folded and fastened on baby. Prefolds need a waterproof cover over the top.

Other uses:

·        Trifold and use as … Read More

Difference between the Thirsties Duo Wrap and Diaper Cover

The Diaper Cover and Duo Wrap are both diaper covers. They are made from a polyester fabric that is laminated, making them breathable, yet water resistant. They are soft and pliable, and very comfortable for baby! They both sport the Thirsties double gusset to control leaks. You will need to purchase absorbency to use inside.

Let me tell you a little about both options:

Thirsties Diaper Cover
The Diaper Cover is adjustable in the waist. The Diaper Cover is only available with an Aplix (hook and loop) closure option.  You can use a fitted or fastened prefold diaper inside. Thirsties options include the Duo Fab Fitted, or Duo Hemp Prefold. The prefold will need to be fastened with a Snappi or diaper pins inside the Diaper Cover, to keep the diaper next to the skin and to keep the diaper from shifting. This is very important, … Read More

How many diapers do I need?

Thirsties recommends these amounts based on washing every other day:

Newborn: 20-24 diapers
6-12 months: 14-18 diapers
12-24 months: 12-16 diapers
Potty Learning: 4-8 diapers

How many covers do I need?
A single Thirsties Duo Wrap or Thirsties Diaper Cover can be wiped clean and reused 3-5 times before requiring a full washing.

Newborn–9 months: 1 wrap for every 3 diapers
9 months–18 months: 1 wrap for every 4 diapers
18 months to potty: 1 wrap for 5 diapers

*Please note, not all diapers require a cover.  Many diapers include a waterproof shell.  Diapers that require a separate cover include Flats, Prefolds, Contoured, Inserts, and Fitteds.

Help, My Diapers Are Leaking!-Part 1

Below we offer a few of the most common reasons for leaks & their corresponding solutions:

1) The fit may be too big. It is tempting to purchase diapers a bit larger than what you need in order to get longer use out of them. If you size-up to soon, the diapers will not fit properly and will end up leaking. Check to see if the waist and legs are snug against baby. If they are not snug, and the fabric does not touch the skin, the diaper will not be able to absorb the liquid before it makes its way to the openings. Please check your baby’s measurements
against our sizing chart at
Solution: Use smaller size

2) The diapers may be worn for too long between changes. Cloth diapers need to be changed more frequently than disposables, and on average will need replacement every 2 … Read More