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Happy Thanksgiving!

Since much of my life involves walking around circles and picking things up off the floor, feeding six dependents (three fur babies, three of the human variety, plus one husband), cleaning up after six said dependents–and my favorite, laundry– it’s easy to get caught up in all of these every day chores that I like to gripe about.  I’m glad that at least once a year, there is a time when I am reminded to sit and reflect and be thankful for all of the wonder, opportunity, love and good fortune that surrounds me. Here are a few things for which I am grateful this year:

My Dog: My dog Bear is well over 12 years old. She’ll be 13 in February and I appreciate every day that I have with her. I got her from a local shelter when she was 11 weeks old and I have known her … Read More

Blowouts: One of the Big Downsides to Disposables

Just before our first child was born I remember taking the newborn-sized diapers out of the package and marveling at how how small they were. I imagined lifting tiny legs and wiping the teensy-tiny cheeks.  Those first few diaper changes are a new and exciting experience, as are all the “firsts” you will have with your child. But be warned: diaper changes can and will get ugly and you will eventually learn to fear “The Blowout“.  Because I now use cloth diapers on my son, our blowouts have been few and far between and have happened only when he is wearing disposables–like on the plane.  What better time to have a wriggly, poo-covered infant than when you are surrounded by silently staring strangers? But I digress.

The first few bowel movements your baby has will be meconium–a sticky black substance left behind in the baby’s intestines from … Read More