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A Great Way to Teach Gratitude Year Round

“I’ve got plenty to be thankful for,” Bing Crosby sang in the movie “Holiday Inn”. He was actually rather down-in-the-dumps that Thanksgiving, but of course everything came out swell by Christmas – as they usually do in old movies. (Probably why I love them so much.)

This year, I’ve found myself humming that song for over a month – but sincerely. In a world full of SO much strife, negativity, hatefulness, and sadness (the list goes on), it’s easy to get down. But thanks to the birth of our third child, the sudden explosion of our middle daughter’s personality (why is it that two brings their true selves forth? It’s a burst of joy wrapped with a cantankerous bow), and the success that our oldest son has had transitioning to – and blossoming in – kindergarten has given both my husband and I new energy and reason to be truly … Read More

Teaching Your Toddler About Gratitude

Now that we’ve had our Halloween fun, our family is excited about November. We have so much to be thankful for this month, it’s awesome. Between expecting our second little one later next week and one of our favorite holidays shortly thereafter, we’re as pleased as punch!

While we love the fun of Halloween, the mayhem (and excessive candy consumption) aren’t our favorite thing ever. Thanksgiving, however, has so much going for it. It’s one of those holidays that everyone can get behind. It’s a chance to cook a great meal, catch up with family and, unless you work retail or are police/emergency workers (to you I say THANK YOU!), a day to relax and reflect. No need to fight crowds finding the right gift. It *generally* doesn’t start a religious argument on Facebook. But, the best part of Thanksgiving? The gratitude.

This year, I’m hoping to start having more … Read More

I’m Feeling Extra Thankful This Year

I am feeling particularly grateful this holiday season. My children are healthy, they’re happy and well-adjusted (most of the time) and we’ve made some huge progress figuring out how Kate’s diet affects, not only her moods and her behavior, but also her ability to learn. Life is good. But the thing that has me most excited right now is my new nonprofit, called Big Hearts Big Soles Inc.

Let me tell you the little story that got the whole thing started. I was dropping off some items I was donating at the Salvation Army—did I mention I’m a Thrift Store regular? They are my favorite place to buy clothes for myself and the kids, books and furniture. I love a project, like an old shelf, to repaint and fuss with until it looks like new again. Or if not new, funky will work. Anyway, I digress. I happened to overhear … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since much of my life involves walking around circles and picking things up off the floor, feeding six dependents (three fur babies, three of the human variety, plus one husband), cleaning up after six said dependents–and my favorite, laundry– it’s easy to get caught up in all of these every day chores that I like to gripe about.  I’m glad that at least once a year, there is a time when I am reminded to sit and reflect and be thankful for all of the wonder, opportunity, love and good fortune that surrounds me. Here are a few things for which I am grateful this year:

My Dog: My dog Bear is well over 12 years old. She’ll be 13 in February and I appreciate every day that I have with her. I got her from a local shelter when she was 11 weeks old and I have known her … Read More