More than a maid and cook

MothersDay.Thirsties.5313For the first time during my entire mothering experience I have finally understood why Mother’s Day was created. It was a Tuesday; Brennan had been giving me a hard time for the entire day. Keep in mind that Brennan is four and a half so when he gives me a hard time it’s in the form of disrespect, mouthing off, and complete disobedience. On this particular day my normally polite child demanded a snack. If I said “no” this resulted in a complete temper tantrum; face beet red, arms flailing, and feet stomping. This behavior continued whenever I declined any request he made – gargantuan or minute.

Typically I’m a tougher mom than to let my four and a half year old affect my emotions so much but after the fifth demand to watch a TV show and the fifth meltdown at the undesired answer of his request I … Read More