Sunscreen…where to start? Try EWG!

BrennanSunscreen.Thirsties.6313After a full day of sun here in the Twin Cities I thought what better time to talk about sunscreens than now; after all, it is June! Despite the cloudy weather we’ve been experiencing up here in the north land the use of sunscreen should go hand in hand with any kind of exposure that lasts 20 minutes or more. So, unless you’re sitting in your house for the entire day, screen it up. According to the American Melanoma Foundation (AMF) 80% of the sun’s UV rays pass through the cloud cover. That being said…wear sunscreen.

There are two kinds of ways to protect your skin: sunscreen and sunblock. While reading through the AMF, I learned that the difference between them is that sunscreen is a provides a chemical barrier on your skin and sunblock is a physical barrier. Sunscreen is less visible, cleans up neatly and acts like a … Read More