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How do I get the stains out of my diapers and covers?

Staining and cloth diapers unfortunately go hand in hand. We here at Thirsties always try to stay up to date on laundering issues, and suggest the most eco-friendly and safe methods for cleaning diapers and covers.

Here are a few natural solutions for lifting stains…

  • Prewash on cold. With every load of laundry, we suggest a prewash with cold water.  DO NOT dry in the dryer as heat will set staining.
  • Although soaking can aid in stain removal, we do not recommend soaking anything on a regular basis for longer than 10 minutes. This is due to the fact that it can eat away at lamination, and lock in odor.
  • Use a cloth safe detergent to help clean your diapers. You can see a complete list here: Care and Use
  • Dry in the sun. This works 99% of the time. The UV rays of the sun fade the stains away.
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Basic Care and Use Tips For Cloth Diapers: Part 2

This blog post is continued from last week’s Basic Care and Use Tips For Cloth Diapers: Part 1


Hang your cloth diapers to dry or dry in dryer on low. Inserts, flats, and prefolds may be dried on higher settings.

*Routine drying in the dryer will hasten the life of any diapering product – especially on diapers or covers with components such as hook and loop fasteners and elastic.

Add a dry towel or wool dryer balls to the dryer to speed the drying process.

A monthly 15 minute dryer cycle on hot is beneficial to lamination.

Drying in direct sunlight is the very best method for drying and disinfecting, and at getting rid of stains. However, take care not to leave diapers out longer than neccessary, as UV rays and high temperatures can also have an ill effect on diapering products. Cotton and hemp diapers will be … Read More