What the Heck are Soap Nuts?

As I’ve surfed around the web researching ways to live greener, use earth-friendly cleaning products and to keep my Thirsties cloth diaper stash smelling fresh and clean, I’ve once again come across something completely new to me: soap nuts.

Soap nuts, or soap berries, grow in tropical areas and have been used by native peoples for hundreds of years. They contain saponins are naturally occurring surfactants (they foam when shaken in water) thus creating the cleaning properties of the soap nuts–both for clothing and skin. They are extremely mild and are great for people with sensitive skin and may even provide relief for those with eczema–probably because of their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

From what I’ve read, you can buy soap nuts in the detergent section of Whole Foods (I am heading there ASAP!) And when you are ready to do your laundry, you put between four and six nuts … Read More