My Sick Day as a Stay-at-Home Mom (Part 1)

I’ve got a sinus infection and, not unlike my infant, I have an ear infection.  I spent the day in my pajamas, drinking tea, hot soup, and alternately dozing and flipping channels.

WAIT. I’m sorry…I was just daydreaming.  Let me start from the beginning and tell you about my sick day as the stay-home-mother of three young kids:

I started feeling a little funny last night. My throat tickled and my glands felt a little swollen. I wasn’t surprised to be feeling this way, after all Cooper (almost 8 months) and Kate (three and half) had been wiping their noses on me and coughing directly into my face for two days. There’s nothing quite like the gross-out factor of holding your sick child who needs extra love and attention, only to have her cough directly into your open mouth while you’re talking. It’s the fast-track to the flu–all the hand-sanitizerRead More