How much will I save if I buy cloth vs. disposables?

With 6000 – 8000 diaper changes from birth to potty training, disposable diapers can cost anywhere between $2000 – $3000.

The cost savings of cloth diapers depend on how long your baby is in diapers, what diapering system you are using, and how many children you will use the diapers for. If you use your diapering products for more than one child, your savings multiply!

To cloth diaper, you will need:

Newborn: 20-24 diapers
6-12 months: 14-18 diapers
12-24 months: 12-16 diapers
Potty Learning: 4-8 diapers

Newborn-9 months: 1 wrap for every 3 diapers
9 months-18 months: 1 wrap for every 4 diapers
18 months to potty training: 1 wrap for every 5 diapers

Thirsties Duo Diaper:
Use from birth-to-potty and save $617 + over the cheapest disposables!

Waterproof pocket diaper. (No cover needed.) This diaper offers: ease of use, convenience, adjustability, trimness, absorbency.

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