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Dear First Time Mom….

My sister became a first time mom on Friday morning. Suddenly I’ve found myself back in time four and a half years ago to that first first day at home. thirstiesnight that I brought Brennan, my first born, home from the hospital…

Dear First Time Mom,

Welcome to the ‘hood, the motherhood that is! You aren’t crazy that you joined us in this life changing event; although I realize that you may feel like you were insane to decide to join the ranks of mothers who’ve gone before you. Here are the things that we’ve all experienced, those things that may have already happened to you or are yet to come and how yes, you are normal:

That first poop that you have to take….it can be terrifying, especially if you have stitches down there. Don’t worry, you probably won’t rip everything out and the more you relax the easier it’ll be. Trust me, Read More

The Newborn Chronicles: Week One

I walked into the hospital with my husband for the planned c-section of our third child.  We were excited to meet “Little Brother” and to introduce him to his two big sisters, Lauren and Kate.  Once we were checked in and shown to the pre-op room the nurses started bustling around–there was paperwork to be signed, an IV to insert and monitors to hook-up.  A couple of hours later, our son was born, healthy and crying.  I was immobile on the operating table and only got to sneak a quick peek before he was whisked away and I was left to be sewn up.

Cooper, my husband and I were reunited in the recovery room later and I finally got to hold the little guy and I was finally told his weight and length: six pounds nine ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  I was surprised to learn our only Read More