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No Two Mothers Alike

I sat down to write the typical “Great Gifts for Mother’s Day” type of post when I realized that this is nearly impossible without listing, like, a hundred gift ideas. Much as I get frustrated when Father’s Day gift guides lead me into a world of sports paraphernalia, handmade fishing cards, and beer mugs (none of which really exemplify my husband), I’ve come to recognize that there are no two moms who are truly, 100% alike.

And that’s totally as it should be.  

There are moms who want to celebrate the day with their families all day long while others request alone time. Some crave a day off from cooking; others don’t identify as the “family cook” or simply don’t necessarily want the day off.

Some mothers love a gorgeous piece of jewelry to cherish and remember the special day by. Others put just as much stock in a handmade Read More

Happy Mother’s Day! (Or Not?)

While perusing Facebook lately I’ve noticed something surprising over the past few days…the Anti-Mother’s Day Trend. There are several blogs, comments and rants all based on the wrongness of celebrating this day. Why? For a multitude or reasons—like the pain it brings to those who have lost their mothers, or to mothers who have lost children, or because some people had horrible, selfish mothers or because some seem to think it put’s Mothers on a pedestal and discounts the relevance of women who are not mothers by choice or circumstance. I say, “Lighten up, people!”

Photo on 3-26-15 at 8.48 AMTo me, Mother’s Day is not “All About Me,” and it’s not “All About My Mom.” I sent her a card, I gave her a call. She’s an amazing and inspiring woman who I cherish every day, no more, no less on Mother’s Day, than any other day of the year. And what did … Read More

Breaking Free from Isolation

Depression. Miscarriage. Infertility. These are three words that carry a huge stigma in our mommy culture today. Three unfortunate experiences that make women everywhere either hide their face in shame or keep quiet so that no one will question what they did to cause this. It may sound really abrasive to you but think about it: If you’ve ever experienced any of these did you go and shout it off of the roof tops for the world to know? My guess is that you probably didn’t and if you did, well, my hand goes out to you for you are braver than I have been.Depression.Thirsties.51913

I know, I know; you’re probably wondering why on Earth I’m thinking about this. Well, it was all prompted by my friend’s Facebook status on Mother’s Day. My friend, Daphne, posted this on her Facebook profile, “It’s a bittersweet Mother’s Day today. Grateful for … Read More

More than a maid and cook

MothersDay.Thirsties.5313For the first time during my entire mothering experience I have finally understood why Mother’s Day was created. It was a Tuesday; Brennan had been giving me a hard time for the entire day. Keep in mind that Brennan is four and a half so when he gives me a hard time it’s in the form of disrespect, mouthing off, and complete disobedience. On this particular day my normally polite child demanded a snack. If I said “no” this resulted in a complete temper tantrum; face beet red, arms flailing, and feet stomping. This behavior continued whenever I declined any request he made – gargantuan or minute.

Typically I’m a tougher mom than to let my four and a half year old affect my emotions so much but after the fifth demand to watch a TV show and the fifth meltdown at the undesired answer of his request I … Read More