How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers by Hand

If you live in an apartment or other dwelling that does not have laundry facilities on site, you will know that it is a little more challenging to cloth diaper. If you cannot or do not want to use a Laundromat or a friend’s/family’s machine, you will need to know how to hand wash.

There are different ways that you can hand wash your cloth diapers. You can use a bathtub and your hands; you can use a bucket and a plunger; or you can use a washbasin and a washing board. There are also portable tabletop machines, but we are going to focus on the ways to wash by hand.

  • The bathtub/hands method takes the most water and time, but no extra tools, and is convenient. Just follow the steps and use your hands. You can also use a plunger if desired.
  • The bucket/plunger method conserves water, but
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