Pardon My Garden

This is at least our third or fourth year  of having a garden. There is something extremely satisfying about going outside and picking a meal right out of the garden. It’s like I’m getting back to my pioneer roots–pun most definitely intended. But I though always have big ambitions, I always feel a bit disappointed. Why are all my tomatoes holey? Who is eating my zucchini plants? How come I have so many big healthy green bean plants but they only seem to yield a handful of beans at a time?

This year I planted seeds in a starter tray. I was very impatient for them to sprout and finally they did. Then, strangely, all of my little sprout-lings started to turn brown and die. More water, I thought. They need more water. But alas, I was wrong. All of my sprout-lings died an early death, never making it into … Read More