The Low-down on Prefolds

Prefolds are one of my favorite diapers to recommend. They are made of natural fibers, easy to clean, durable, and simple to use. If they are made of the proper fabric and thickness, they are also very absorbent. All prefolds are not made alike. The design and fabric can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Prefold definition: Rectangular diapers that have more layers in the middle and fewer layers on the sides..

You may see the prefolds labeled as 4x8x4 or 4x6x4. That pertains to the layers of fabric in the diaper.

4x8x4 = 4 on both sides, and 8 in the middle

4x6x4 = 4 on both sides, and 6 in the middle



Prefolds can be folded and laid into a trim cover, or folded and fastened on baby. Prefolds need a waterproof cover over the top.

Other uses:

·        Trifold and use as … Read More