Febrile Seizures: What You Need to Know

The day started out normally like any other day would have started out. We ate breakfast,Worried mommy...feverish baby continued unpacking boxes as we had moved into our house the weekend before. My daughter, Kendall, was a little clingier than usual. I chalked it up to the excitement and change from living in a new house. Let me tell you, one handed unpacking takes about ten times longer than being able to use both arms so the unpacking job was put on the back burner. I started making lunch, Kendall sat at the bar top in her secured chair. She was fine, she looked a little dazed but like I said before, she was tired from the big move.

I was chatting on the phone with my husband, asking him where the thermometer was because Kendall felt really warm when I had put her into her high chair. Out of the corner of … Read More