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Tradition! Tradition! (Family traditions that is)

Family Traditions. Thirsties Blog. Bert AndersonIt started the first weekend after we returned from our honeymoon: Sunday Night Breakfast (or SNB for short). As a child I always loved it when my mother made us breakfast for dinner. So one day, during our honeymoon, I announced to my husband that we would be starting a Sunday night tradition. That’s how Sunday Night Breakfast began.

Now, I think before we had children I only did SNB once every few years and then this past spring I decided to reinstate Sunday Night Breakfast. I love it, the kids love it and it’s so easy. Sometimes I venture out of our normal pancakes or waffles with scrambled eggs and get fancy. Once I made cheesy cauliflower basil pancakes that were supposed to be waffles. They kept sticking to the waffle iron and made a huge mess so I decided to ditch the recipe.

That’s our Sunday night tradition, … Read More

Breaking Free from Isolation

Depression. Miscarriage. Infertility. These are three words that carry a huge stigma in our mommy culture today. Three unfortunate experiences that make women everywhere either hide their face in shame or keep quiet so that no one will question what they did to cause this. It may sound really abrasive to you but think about it: If you’ve ever experienced any of these did you go and shout it off of the roof tops for the world to know? My guess is that you probably didn’t and if you did, well, my hand goes out to you for you are braver than I have been.Depression.Thirsties.51913

I know, I know; you’re probably wondering why on Earth I’m thinking about this. Well, it was all prompted by my friend’s Facebook status on Mother’s Day. My friend, Daphne, posted this on her Facebook profile, “It’s a bittersweet Mother’s Day today. Grateful for … Read More

Talk To Us!

Thirsties Fans,


We are asking you, our readers, what you would like to see on our blog. We want to write about topics that interest and inform you.

What questions do you have about cloth diapering?

About mothering?

About being eco-conscious or sustainable?


We will tell you what we know, and if we don’t know, we will try to find the answer.

Talk to us! Leave a comment in reply to this post with your suggestions/questions.



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