Harnessing the Sun, Cloth Diaper Manufacturing Company Redefines Going Green

CAÑON CITY, Colorado-Among Colorado’s many natural blessings is an almost daily dose of high-intensity, high-altitude sunshine-over 300 days per year. The kind that can burn your skin nastily if you stay out more than just a few minutes without protection, but as well, the kind that makes solar panel manufacturers slobber on themselves.
Enter Erin Kimmett, founder and owner of one of America’s largest cloth diaper manufacturing and wholesale companies, Thirsties, Inc. Long an advocate for less-impacting methods of modern living, Kimmett began Thirsties five years ago as a venture to supplement her husband’s teaching income, to find an outlet for her incessant entrepreneurial spirit, and in large part to spread the news of the wonders of cloth diapering, both as a less-expensive means of diapering and as a way to drastically cut down on the environmental consequences of the omnipresent-and in her mind dangerous-disposable diaper.

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