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Deck the Halls With Dryer Balls

New Wool Dryer Balls

New Wool Dryer Balls (Photo credit: Dazed81)

Dryer balls: something I’ve come across time and time again when perusing cloth-diapering blogs, yet not something I’ve ever used. Here’s the little I do know about them.

Plastic Dryer Balls: I’ve seen these at the grocery story in the laundry section. They come in a package of two, they’re blue and they look like they belong in the aisle with the pet toys. Seriously. The package says they naturally soften clothes (by pummeling them around, I suppose?) and will decrease drying time up to 25%. I’ve never even been moderately tempted to buy any, maybe because I don’t use fabric softener and I’m perfectly happy with the softness of my clothes without it and maybe because I’m skeptical.

Wool Dryer Balls: I’ve also come across dryer balls in green living blogs because they also supposedly soften clothes, require less drying time … Read More

Benefits of Line Drying

sunning cloth diapers

Image Courtesy of Thirsties Groupie, Amanda v S

There is no way around the fact that commercial washers and dryers have made laundry much easier and more convenient. Just pop the clothes in, and take them back out when they are done! Most of us truly live in a world of convenience. But have you ever asked yourself what this extra convenience is costing you? Also, what do people do if they do not have an automatic dryer?

Many foreign households do not even own a dryer. They either hang their clothes outside or have a line in their laundry room. Since dryers do not usually exist in their country, I don’t think that they feel like they are lacking in any way. My family did not have an automatic dryer when I was young. I have many fond memories of dancing with the sheets in the wind!

You may … Read More

Detergent Additives – Enzymes and Cloth Diapers

When laundering cloth diapers, there is a list of detergent additives that are cautioned. This is due to the effects they have on your cloth diapers or baby’s skin. Some may be fine for your regular laundry, but not always for cloth diapers. The additives to look out for are:

Chlorine Bleach

How are you supposed to remember all of that? You don’t have to. Simply follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Our Customer Center and FAQs should have all the information you will need.

For those of you who like to know the Whys, I would like to explain the reasons why these additives are not recommended. This is my fourth post on the issue, with this one addressing Enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins that are found in every living organism: man, animals, plants and microorganisms. There are four different types of enzymes added … Read More