How do I disinfect cloth diapers?

How To Disinfect Your Diapers

Simply washing your diapers on hot with a good detergent and putting them in the sun to dry will routinely help to disinfect diapers. Please make sure that you are using an adequate water level to wash your diapers, that you are not overloading your machine, and using our special washing instructions for HE machines.

If your baby has an infection in the diaper area, your diapers will need to be disinfected.  Below are some remedies that may help:

Oxygen Bleach – Use recommended amount of oxygen bleach in a HOT wash, along with your detergent. This will disinfect as well as help remove stains. Some brands to try are OxyClean Baby, and Bac-Out Oxygen Bleach Plus. This is for a one time treatment, and not to be used at every wash load.

Grape Seed Extract – Tests have shown that GSE is … Read More