Detergent Additives – Dyes, Fragrances, and Cloth Diapers

When laundering cloth diapers, there is a list of detergent additives that are cautioned. This is due to the effects they have on your cloth diapers or baby’s skin. Some may be fine for your regular laundry, but not for cloth diapers. The additives to look out for are:

Chlorine Bleach

How are you supposed to remember all of that? You don’t have to. Simply follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Our Customer Center and FAQs should have all the information you will need.

For those of you who like to know the Whys, I would like to explain the reasons why these additives are not recommended. This is my third post on the issue, with this one addressing Dyes and Fragrances.

Dyes have no use in detergents, besides coloring the liquid. Dyes may not totally rinse out of the diapers. They … Read More