Composting With Worms–The Wiggley Side of Green Living

We are finally getting some rain here in uber-sunny Boulder, Colorado. The trees and grass are soaking it up and even a few worms are climbing out of the earth and laying quietly on the sidewalk just waiting to be scooped and put into our new “worm compost bin.” Soon we will be transferring our starter seedlings into our two small garden plots in the backyard. While we were mixing up the soil and dirt, the girls seemed so excited by the worms we found that I decided a worm farm was in order.

In addition to the organic veggies we’ll be harvesting from our garden over the summer months, we’ll also be letting the kids experience the fun of the gardening process and the life cycle of plants–from the planting of the seeds, to the watering and tending of the young sprout-lings, the transferring to the garden, … Read More