Taking a Ride on the Fuss Bus

Last night my husband and I spent at the better part of two hours trying to soothe our screaming newborn son, Cooper. Usually nursing does the trick for any little bout of fussiness but this time he would start to nurse, seem to calm down for a few moments–but inevitably his little face would scrunch up, his mouth would open and…he would start to scream.

Cooper is our third child, so while after almost three years we’re a bit rusty, we do have experience with newborns.  And what did this night of terror remind us of?  Dealing with our colicky first-born.  Colic is defined as inconsolable crying and fussiness for no apparent reason.  It has to occur at least three hours a day, for three days a week, at least three weeks out of a month.   This was only one night–will we be doing it again tonight? Fingers crossed that … Read More