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The Ins and Outs of Thirsties Potty Training Pants

Thirsties Potty Training Pant is designed to help catch small accidents while potty training.

Since we’re starting to stick our toe into the potty training world again (okay, that sounds gross) with our 2-year-old daughter, I was ecstatic when Thirsties announced their new training pants. We skipped straight to Gerber trainers with our son but I wasn’t a fan, so I’m pleased to give the new Thirsties potty training pant a try.

Laura recently talked on #ThirstiesLive about the ins and outs of Thirsties trainers, so we thought we’d share that great information with you all today. You can also watch a replay right here:


The features of these pants elevate them above the rest. Intended to help catch small accidents while training, it’s important to note that they do not replace diapers. The interior consists of four layers of soft, absorbent certified organic cotton. The wet zone is lined with waterproof TPU laminate to help keep … Read More

Potty Training Gone Wrong

At eighteen months Cooper is an adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed bundle of energy. Like a typical boy he’s obsessed with choo-choos, cars and balls. And also like many boys, he’s a little behind verbally. While both of my girls were singing and using short phrases at this age, Cooper still has a vocabulary of under twenty words and he often prefers to point and grunt and seems to get frustrated that I can’t read his mind. He often wants to be picked up and then points around the room as if to steer me, shaking his head and saying “No!” until I find the the object of his desire. And then there’s potty training.

Since he’s still showing very little interest in the potty, other than sitting on it for about ten seconds and saying “Pee pee, pee pee!” before he gets distracted and hops up, I’ve put it on … Read More