Dressing My Cloth-Diapered Boy

dressing cloth diapers

The first diaper Cooper ever wore was cloth–that’s right. The hospital he was born in uses only cloth, which is very cool. So come to think of it, all three of my kids wore cloth for their first diaper! Anyway, in the hospital and in his first few tiny weeks (he was only 6  lbs 9 ounces!) we dressed him in one-sies paired with those baby nightgowns–I don’t know what they’re actually called–but they have the little elasticized holes at the bottom.

As soon as I was able to drive, Cooper no longer wore his little nightgowns. I really liked how they fit with the cloth diaper and that they didn’t constrict his belly, but I needed to buckle him in his car seat several times a day to drive his sisters to and from school. He needed his legs free. My first choice of outfits for my cloth Read More