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Thirsties has a new look!

We have spent the past few months redesigning our website and marketing materials.  In addition to the updated design, we have created new tools and features that we hope you will like.  Please read below to learn more.

NOTE: To ensure that the new website loads correctly, please clear your cache and/or browsing history and then refresh.

Savings Calculator
We now have our own version of a cloth diaper savings calculator.  We have a created a few suggested packages to help those moms and dads who might be new to cloth diapering or are just in the research phase.   Alternatively, moms and dads who are already familiar with cloth diapering can build their own stash to see their savings potential.

The calculator can be found in the Customer Center on the website, or by clicking here.

Cloth Diaper 101
This guide was developed to help moms or dads … Read More

The Basics Of Cloth Diapering

For all of you new cloth diapering mommas out there, we wanted to give a summary of the basics of cloth diapering. We are happy to help you with your cloth diapering journey!

You will first want to prep your diapers for use.

  • Wash all microfiber diapers/covers together at least one time before use, using a cloth diaper safe detergent. (Make sure to use the laundry tabs to fasten Aplix or Velcro fasteners.)
  • Wash hemp, cotton, and bamboo diapers/inserts separate from your other items for the first 3-8 washes. (Thirsties hemp products can be used after 3 wash/dry cycles, and will reach maximum absorbency after 8 wash/dry cycles.)

*Energy Saving Tip: Wash your natural fiber diapers/inserts with your white laundry for the initial wash cycles, taking care to use a cloth diaper safe detergent.

  • For wool covers, please follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Here are instructions on how … Read More