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Family Resolutions

new year thirsties

Now that the fun and frantic Christmas holiday has come and gone, it’s time to turn our attention toward the coming of a fresh year. Some see it as an opportunity to set new goals, others consider it to be just like any other time of the year — I have always fallen somewhere in the middle. Some years I make a resolution (or two) while other years I just try to pull myself out of the post-Christmas funk with some purging and organizing, both of my home and my soul. I’m not against resolutions, though. A new year is a great opportunity to remind oneself to reflect and make changes.

But, ever since starting a family, I find myself thinking not of what my own goals are, but more of what we, as a family, can do to improve or embrace life. Sure, my husband can feel free to … Read More

All is Calm…

You remember the excited energy of Christmastime that you experienced as a child, right? Maybe you still even feel it – the buzz of activity, the anticipation of Santa, the burst of sheer joy enjoying the time with family and friends. It’s no wonder little ones can hardly contain their energy! And we all know what happens when children overflow with energy, don’t we? It’s a breeding ground for outbursts and poor behavior choices, which can definitely put a damper on your attempts at celebrating. (Or is that just at our house? *wink, wink*)

I find that the act of creating – whether it be crafts, cooking, music, art – can be a great calming effect on kids as well as adults.

Whether you have a young toddler or older kiddo at home, between the excitement and time off from school, try out one of these ideas for celebrating the … Read More

Changing Traditions

One of the best parts of the holiday season is tradition. Traditions can give our holidays a sense of consistency, and help us reach back to warm, love-filled memories of our own childhood. Sometimes we even get so caught up in maintaining our favorite traditions that we find we bury ourselves in a ton of (unnecessary) stress and even lose sight of what the season should be.

I try to remember this when looking ahead on our calendar this upcoming month or so, knowing full well that, this year, something’s gotta give. With a newborn tossed in the mix along with a super active (at times challenging) 3-year-old, I’ve given myself permission to tone it down. Upon making up my mind, I decided to look into the actual meaning of the word “tradition.” Here’s the definition according to Merriam-Webster:


One thing that stands out to me here is the phrase … Read More

Winter Break Starts When???

This past Saturday we had rehearsal for the Christmas pageant, followed by a birthday party for a friend of Kate’s who has a December 26th birthday. At some point, I realized that I hadn’t ordered our picture Christmas cards yet so I frantically searched for a “virtual coupon” that would cut enough off of the price that I would feel less guilty  paying extra for the “rush shipping.” We hurried home so I could get the girls asleep before my sister came over to be there while I ran to the airport to pick up Cooper and my husband who had taken a boys’ trip to Tennessee to visit family. We got home at ten.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the Christmas pageant. Between the early arrival and costume donning, followed by dropping off our obligatory edible contribution to the “Pageant Party,” and the obligatory … Read More

Christmas: Memories aren’t made in the details

It was my daughter’s first Christmas. We were celebrating at my parents’ home; they live six hours away from us. Now, because Christmas Tree. Thirstiesof the distance between my home and my parents’, my husband and I trade off holidays between my family and his. Since it was my parents’ turn to host us for Christmas, my mother was beyond elated at the opportunity to make the holiday the best one we had all experienced. The house was beautifully decorated. Every meal was meticulously planned. Every i had been dotted and every t was crossed on my mom’s “to do” list. The only thing she needed was for the rest of us to arrive and then all of her hard work, planning and daydreaming about the special holiday would finally come to fruition. 

Our first few days were fun. We enjoyed the time together. My oldest son, Brennan, played in the snow … Read More